Student Admission

Selection Procedure

The College accepts students regardless of race or religion. Selection takes place on the basis of prior education, character, and willingness to cooperate with the College’s educational, cultural and social requirements.The Academic Committee will consider the following when admitting a student:
a. Academic qualifications
b. Aptitude
c. Attitude
d. Work experience (mature age entry)


How to Enroll

Applications are accepted on the basis of official grade reports, transcripts, and records of experience. The admission process includes an admission interview to determine the applicant’s interest in and suitability for this industry, and a completed essay to assess the applicant’s level of proficiency in English.

New students need to submit the following documents to the Administrative Support Office:

Receipt from the Bank for payment of the enrollment fee
Copy of certificate(s), diploma(s)
Copy of grades list, or school report, or transcript
Copy of ID card or passport
Two passport-size photos

The enrolment is complete when a student has met all the above conditions and signed a statement that he/she will abide by the rules and regulations of the College.


Enrolment Period

Individuals will have an opportunity to enroll Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. before September 9.


Late Enrolment

Special permission is required from the Academic Committee to enroll after September 9. Students who are permitted to enroll after the closing date will be charged an additional fee for shipping and handling of the AHLEI course books.



Details of the fees and the terms of payment are contained in the Payment Plan. Which could be obtained on request.